Are Dental Implants for me?

You can have Dental Implants


"I was previously told that I couldn't have implants placed without first having bone drafting done. Using computer-guided dental implant technology I had 4 implants placed without any bone drafting. I couldn't be happier."

A. K. (Patient)

Dental Implants for everyone:

Almost Everyone is a Candidate

If you are considering replacements for your teeth and are wondering if dental implants are for you, rest assured, you are most likely a candidate. Almost everyone is a candidate for dental implants. Why? Advanced technologies, namely 3D CBCT Scan imaging, virtual implant planning, and CBCT based surgical guides allows us to place dental implants with a high degree of precision. These technologies allow our dentists to maximize the potential of the existing bone structure, while avoiding sensitive areas such as nerves and sinuses. 

There are situations that require additional attention before dental implants can be placed. In rare circumstances, a person’s jawbone may not have enough bone in the right places to support the dental implants. In cases such as these, we may need to graft additional bone onto the existing bone structure to provide sufficient volume for the placement of dental implants.